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Sony World Photography 2019

Nemsokára kiderül, hogy kik lettek a Sony World Photography 2019 nyertesei, de néhány döntőbe jutott képet már közzétett a a World Photography Organization. Minden eddigi rekordot megdöntött a finálé mezőnye, 192 ország fotósai 326 ezer fényképpel szálltak versenybe. Érdemes megnézni azt az ifjúsági és az un. nyitott kategóriából készült válogatást, amelyek bizonyítják a dokumentumfotósok munkájának magas színvonalát világszerte.


“A Red River of Faith” – Lifeng Chen, China


“Hubris Part I” – Katarzyna Young, South Africa


“Bright Minuet” – Alessandro Zanoni, Italy

I got stung by one of the largest bees in the world and i had already killed almost 7 or 8 bees by the time when i notice hunters around me calmly picking those bees off their body and throwing them away.They dint kill them. they just removed them from their body as soon as they sat on them. I dint ask why but understood the purpose we were there. We were there for harvesting the wild honey from the hives of himalayan bees. The intention was not to kill. Thats why they put fire. That fire was not just to avoid the bee sting but to fend off the larger population of bees so that the hunters could harvest the honey without causing much damage to them. They respected those bees. They respected the mother nature and the natural process. 'Gurungs' from the remote himalayan range of Nepal go to the wild twice a year just to harvest the honey from the himalayan honey bees. The Mad Hunters, The Bravehearts, you name them and it still is not going to justify the wonder these guys pulled right in front of my eyes. After smoking out the majority of bees from the hives comes the time for harvesting the mad honey. they climbed down the ladder from the upper part of the cliffs bare hand and bare foot as you cannot wear anything on that rope or you run the risk of slipping your hand and your feet. that is it. the net on your face. the dress on your body and the ladder.

“The Harvest” – Dikpal Thapa, Nepal


“National Police Day” – Piotr Cyganik, Poland


“Face to Face” – Manuel Enrique González Carmona, Spain

Interactive installation by teamLab. The light of lamps reacts according to the movement of a person. This exhibit is permanently installed in Odaiba, Tokyo.

“Forest of Resonating Lamps” – Yukihito Ono, Japan

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